Karate Is Cure

Sharing Martial Arts with the world!

Mission Statement

Karate Is Cure was founded because there is an evident need for the values, skills, and human qualities that Martial Arts training promotes.

Values such as hard work to achieve a goal, creating community, and selfless giving.

When we at Karate Is Cure look back on our lives and ask ourselves why we made the better choices in our life, our answer is often rooted in our Martial Arts training. Now our mission is to share that gift with the world. 

So how are we doing it?

Karate Is Cure or (KIC) helps pair people with Martial Arts programs. From simply increasing awareness of programs in your area to helping with financing and providing transportation. KIC wants to make Martial arts a part of your lives.

Karate Is Cure was founded with the intention to make the world a better place by active prevention and instilling important moral values. 

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible to create a better life worth living for all, most importantly the children. It truly does take a village. Help us help the world.

“Our mission is our life, reach out to us any time.”

How do we help?

K.I.C. offers to pay for uniforms and class fees to those who cannot afford it, and makes sure the school you attend is legitimate. If you become a recipient of a scholarship, someone from K.I.C. will be in contact with you month to month to see how the experience is going. You may also be asked for a testimonial about your experience in the future.

Scholarships awarded so far…

As of 4/2022 we have awarded 43 scholarships for class fees and provided 8 uniforms.

Below is our online form, simply read through it, fill it out and submit it and we will get back to you! (This form may not show up on mobile devices)

Or if you want to fill out a paper form, email us at karateiscure@gmail.com and ask for a scholarship request form.